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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link to below to see our answers to frequently asked questions, if you would like further clarification or you have another query please email [email protected] or contact us.

No – Children are only eligible to earn the relevant award for their age of birth age group.

You can join the Club online through the Club’s website: and follow the prompts to complete the membership application forms and make a secure payment, or attend a Sunday registration day.

Parents are invited and encouraged to share the experiences of junior activities with their children, especially with the younger age groups. Involvement within other aspects of the Club is also welcomed. This may include the gaining of awards to assist in patrolling, providing water safety, coaching specific disciplines, officiating and administration along with participating in social and fundraising activities.  You are definitely welcome at Coogee Beach SLSC.

Parent and Volunteer membership is encouraged and is vital for the operational success of the club.  There are many ways you can assist with the Juniors and/or the club in general:

  • Setting up the beach before Sunday programs or training. You can be of great help by arriving 30 minutes early to offer assistance.
  • Assist in the “sign on” and “sign off” process on Sundays.
  • Washing off boards or helping to pack up beach equipment at the end of training.
  • Assist the Age Manager during training
  • Assist with Fundraising activities.
  • Volunteer to help with the BBQ
  • Gain your Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion to become a Water Safety Officer
  • Become an Official. Clubs are required to supply Officials at all carnivals. Training courses are provided by Surf Lifesaving WA.

All Adult (18+ yrs.) members of the Club will be provided with a Club Membership Card.

It is a requirement of the Club’s Liquor Licence that only Members of the Club can purchase alcohol products during the Club licenced hours of operation. All Members must carry the membership Card while within the Club UGF Licensed area, and must present the Membership Card at any time requested by Club Officers or staff. Failure to do so may result in Members being requested to leave the premises.

Members may invite up to five guests at a time to visit the Club Licensed area while accompanied by the Club Member, these Guests must be signed in and receive a ‘Temporary Membership Slip’ for the visit which they must present on request while within the Club Licensed Area.

The KidSport program is a government funded program run in conjunction with the City of Cockburn to support participation in junior sport programs. If a parent meets the criteria for assistance (pension card etc.) a refund of a child’s membership fees might be available.

More information is available on the KidSport Website -

KidSport Website

The Club is a registered Organisation for KidSport.

Please contact the Director of Youth at the club in writing so that we can discuss this issue with you.

Yes – he will still qualify if he meets the requirements of the individual awards.

Yes – we have many fly in fly out members and separated partners who share time with their children – this is fine as long as the child is always supervised on the beach.

From the LGF Merchandising Shop as well as the comprehensive FAQ on uniforms on the Club web site.

Under the Woodside Nippers Program, each child will be issued an age group cap and hi-vis vest.  If you require a replacement cap or hi-vis vest, this will be at the members cost. Merchandise can be club purchased from the Club Merchandising shop. This shop is located inside the training room off to the side UGF Balcony. This shop is open for advertised hours from 8-30am each Sunday.

Participation in Club beach programs requires children to wear the Club uniform and adhere to the SLSA SunSafe guidelines. If your Child wishes to compete for the Club in interclub competitions, it is mandatory that they have the required Club uniform.

Age Group Managers are assigned by the club to manage a group of children to undertake their relevant age group program. They facilitate the development of surf life saving skills, develop personal skills and play a fundamental role in delivering a structured learning programme that encourages and develops young surf life savers.

Your child will need to be restricted to sand based activities for their own safety.

It is the responsibility of each parent to provide supervision to their children. Maybe a friend or neighbour could assist you on the beach and see what it is all about.

No – the SLSA age group program is not a swim teaching school.

No – The age groups are predetermined by SLSA and need to be adhered to at all times, it is unfair on the Age Group Manager who has to try and coach children at different maturity levels.

The club pays a fee to SLSA for each child enrolled in the Coogee Beach SLSC program for insurances and other costs. Refunds are unfortunately not available.

The club pays a fee to SLSA for each child enrolled in the Coogee Beach SLSC program for insurances and other costs. Refunds are unfortunately not available.

You can undertake a 1 week trial before you join the club however parents must be aware that as their child is not a paid-up registered member, they are not covered by the standard SLSA insurance during the trial.

No – they must be 5yrs as of 30 September 2019.

You must be aged 5 as at 30 September 2018.

If you have a Stingray child you must be available to have hands-on supervision of your child. Little Stingrays can be easily distracted and put themselves in danger quickly. Adults must be on the beach at all times to ensure they are immediately available if their child becomes ill or distressed.

It is our duty of care to ensure that each child under the age of 13 has the appropriate parental supervision.

The Club runs regular training programs for members. The Director Training & Education will be able to provide information about the dates and times and pre-requisites for these training programs.

Active Memberships of the Club are for Members who have obtained a SLSA qualification and participate in beach patrols and/or water safety duties for the Club. Annual Proficiency tests are conducted to requalify members each year.

Adult Surf Rescue Certificate courses are conducted by Club trainers each year, and parents are encouraged to complete this course to assist in water safety for the Junior programs.

Parents usually join as a Parent or Social Member of the Club.

A)There are two family memberships available:

Option 1:  This family membership can comprise 2 Adult & 2 Children (under 15) or 1 Adult and 3 Children (under 15). $395

Option 2: The second Family membership can comprise 2 Adult and 1 Child (under 15) or 1 Adult and two Children (under 15). $325.

Option 3: The third Family membership can comprise 1 Adult and 1 Child (under 15). $250.

Each additional child is $35.