Competition Information

Only juniors who have achieved their competition skills evaluation for their relevant age group are to be entered for events at carnivals and;

Clubs, Age Managers and Parents should also take into consideration the conditions, the course and the physical and emotional state of their juniors on the day of the carnival and only enter those they consider to be confident, competent and in a fit state to complete the course in a safe and timely manner.

A range of competitive activities are available according to the participant’s ability. The club caters for the full spectrum of youngsters from those who are keen to participate to those youngsters who are less competitive. We always welcome extra parents who are willing to help at beach training and carnivals. If you would like to help, don’t be shy! Approach an age group manager and join in the fun.

Little Nipper Club Carnival: (U8's and 9's)

A competition introduction day is held towards the end of the season focusing on preparing the U8’s and U9’s Nippers for competitions. The carnival focuses on participation and the Club spirit of having a go and there is no formal recognition of results.

Carnival Events: Swim, Board, Flags, Sprints and Run Relay.

Club Carnivals:

During the season SLSWA conducts several events that involve juniors from all clubs in WA. Emphasis is on testing the level of skills attained at club level and the display of team-work while in competition. This level of competition is available to those children ten years of age or older.

State Championships:

This is the highest level of competition in which the club takes part at the end of the season. Coogee Beach is keen to perform well. We encourage all our youngsters to take part especially in team events where they demonstrate aptitude. This level of competition is available to those children ten years of age or older.

Club Championship Day: (U10's and Upwards)

A special day is conducted at the end of the season and points are awarded to children based on performance and rewards are offered for success. Focus is on skill and participation during the day’s competition.

Note: Only competitors who participate in greater than 60% of club training days or competitions if they fall on a Sunday since their membership was processed are eligible for points and medals in the club championships. Competitors must also have their competition rights allocated to Coogee Beach SLSC

Age Group Managers will record attendance and communicate eligibility to members of their group well in advance of the club championship day.

Club Championship Day Events: (U10's and Upwards)

  • 1Km Run Under 10-13
  • 2Km Run Under 14 and Upwards
  • Surf Race
  • Ironperson
  • Board Race
  • Beach Flags
  • Beach Sprint