Registrations & Swim Competency

Every junior member is required to participate in this evaluation, conducted by the club, prior to any junior water activity training or competition being undertaken. It includes a swim and a float which is progressively increased by age group. Following the successful demonstration of the preliminary skills assessment, the competition skills swim evaluation MUST be achieved before any junior can participate in any events at carnivals or in the club championship day. This means that:
  • Only juniors who have achieved their competition skills evaluation for their relevant age group are to be entered for events at carnivals and;
  • Clubs, Age Managers and Parents should also take into consideration the conditions, the course and the physical and emotional state of their juniors on the day of the carnival and only enter those they consider to be confident, competent and in a fit state to complete the course in a safe and timely manner.

Junior Surf Education Preliminary Evaluations

Each year junior members are required to complete a preliminary evaluation to appraise the swimming capability of our junior participants. This is done to as a risk management procedure to ensure that the junior member is competent to swim to safety if so required. Note: Surf Life Saving is not a swim school and age group managers do not have the time to allocate all their energy to specific members, this is the responsibility of the guardian. Many activities that will be completed by children as part of junior activities will be conducted in the water. To ensure that all children have a suitable swimming ability to allow them to participate in these activities, SLSA has developed a Junior Preliminary Evaluation Assessment for each age group.

Preliminary and Competition Evaluation Assessment Table