Water Craft Storage

Water Craft Storage

The Coogee Beach SLSC Inc. (Surf Club) will provide storage facilities for water craft privately owned by Club Members or Affiliated Clubs and their Members on the following basis:

1. An application form must be submitted by the private member or Affiliated Club, which will be considered by the Club, and any acceptance or otherwise will be at the Club's sole discretion, and no reason may be provided for any rejection of the application. Active Members of the Coogee Beach SLSC will be given priority in the event of any storage space limitations.

2. An application can only be lodged by an accepted member of the Club, or an Affiliated Club, who has also completed administrative arrangements for receiving an Access device which will provide access to the LGF Equipment area and Member Change Rooms.

3. The application will only be accepted if accompanied by the full annual payment of the relevant private water craft storage fee. No pro rata fees will be applicable.

4. A private water craft storage position will be allocated by the Surf club administration, and only this storage position can be used for the specific water craft. All private water craft must be secured in the storage location at the owners cost (no surf club locks) and the Surf Club will not be responsible for any misuse or damage if the private water craft are not adequately secured in the allocated storage space.

5. All Members must adhere to the directions of Club management or staff at all times, and produce identification when requested.

6. The ICF is a non smoking facility. Smoking is allowed in the public car parks only.

7. Access to and from the LGF Equipment area should be by the pedestrian gate (ensuring that all security alarms are disabled) for surf skis and surf boards. The main gates may be used for Surf boats, Outrigger canoes and Dragon boats. All gates and roller shutters are to be closed at all times other than for access and egress for security reasons, except as determined by club management (e.g.Sunday morning programs).

8. The Member change rooms are to be left in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

Please Complete the Private Water Craft Storage Form and return to the Club Administrator with Applicable Fee