A member proficiency is valid until 31st December each year, (31st July for Northern Australian approved clubs), unless otherwise stated in Surf Guard or via circular, (e.g.  Apply first aid has a 3 year proficiency requirement).

This information should be read in conjunction with SLSA Policy 5.4 Eligibility to Compete in SLSA Competition where it states;

  • 2 Members who are not proficient as at 31st December are not permitted to patrol, or compete in any SLSA competition until they have obtained the required proficiency.

This means that any member who is not proficient or financial by 31st December, or has not completed appropriate awards shall not be allowed to;

  • Perform Patrols
  • Operate rescue craft
  • Compete in surf lifesaving competitions

In addition to the above, Coogee Beach SLSC will;

  • Cancel access swipe cards
  • Prohibit use of club equipment by non-proficient / non-financial members for club sanctioned or external events.
  • Cancel free access to gym

Skill maintenance checks may be carried out after 31st December under the requirements / approval of the local State or club and will be subject to a processing fee. Any member completing their proficiency after 31st December each season shall be eligible to patrol but shall not be permitted to participate in any SLSA approved championship competition until 1st July later in that year except where exceptional circumstances prevented the member from completing their proficiency by the cut-off date, (31st Dec).

(See SLSA Policy 5.4 Eligibility to Compete in SLSA Competition for further details on competitor proficiency / patrol requirements).


The club runs several skilled maintenance dates, (proficiencies), for all awards, several dates offered from October through to December, please see the requalification dates below:

Bronze & SRC

1st Requal; Sunday 13th October 9-00 am
2nd Requal; Saturday 2nd November 8-30 am.
3rd Requal; Saturday 9th November 5-30 pm.
4th Requal; Sunday 24th November 7-30 am.
5th Requal; Friday 29th November 5-30 pm.
6th  & last Requal; Sunday 15th Dec 7-30 am.

ART (Advanced Resuscitation Training) Requal

Saturday 2nd Nov 10-00 am.
Friday 8th Nov 5-30 pm.
Sunday 17th Nov 7-30 am.
Sunday 15th Dec 9-00 am.

To book a requalification date, complete the online Course Booking Form below


Community Training and External Course

Coming Soon